Ilmar Kerm

Oracle, databases, Linux and maybe more

I just published for free the work I’ve done for the past 1,5 years 🙂

We used to have a few problems with backups:
* Weekly full backup took 2+ days to run on the larger databases and it always took a lot of resources to run.
* To test the backups we needed to allocate the same amount of storage space and it took too long time to restore the database from backup.
* To make matters worse, backup software provider charged by GB just to run a fancy GUI over RMAN.

But we can do better 🙂 And a script suite to manage RMAN image copy backups and to test them automatically was born.

Here is a separate page for the scripts

Code itself is published in GitHub

We’ve run this system excludively in production for over a year now and it has been working great.

I’ll be presenting “Using image copies for Oracle database backups” at the following upcoming conferences: