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Oracle, databases, Linux and maybe more

I’ll be presenting my brand new presentation “Using image copies for Oracle database backups” at ilOUG Tech Days on 30. May in Israel.

More information about the event can be found here

Abstract of my presentation:
When databases get ever larger and larger, backing them up using traditional RMAN backupsets will quickly get unfeasible. Completing a backup requires too much time and resources, but more importantly the same also applies to restores. RMAN has always provided a solution as incrementally updated image copies, but they are much less manageable than backupsets. This presentation goes into detail on how to successfully implement incrementally updated image copy backups, automate them and implement features that together with a capable storage system can provide almost everything that Oracle ZDLRA promises and beyond.

Looking forward to the event!

I gave a talk about my highlights from Oracle Open World 2014 and how to use CloneDB in Oracle User Group Estonia Meetup #3. It was a really good meetup and thanks to everybody who attended.

Here you can find the slides

If you are in Estonia, then join our Oracle User Group Estonia Meetup #3. I’ll talk there about my latest trip to Oracle Open World, what I heard there and also I’ll present how to use CLONEDB feature.

Fre MySQL seminar on 27. august 2014 @ 13:00. Announcement by Oracle User Group Estonia:

Developing modern applications using MySQL.

In this seminar series learn how to best use MySQL for your existing and new development requirements with leading MySQL expert and Oracle Ace Director Ronald Bradford.

These presentations provide a detailed review of the essential lifecycle components for developing a successful software application and offer a checklist for your company to review the design, development, deployment and support of your business applications with MySQL.

The presentations include:

* Effective MySQL Architecture and Design Practices
* Effective Software Development with MySQL
* Effective Web Site Operations
* Upcoming MySQL features for modern applications

Detailed description about the topics: read here.

More information about Ronald Bradford:

To attend this event, PLEASE REGISTER!

This event is organized by Oracle User Group Estonia in cooperation with Finnish, Swedish and Latvian user groups.

The event in Tallinn is sponsored by TransferWise.

If you require more information about this event, please contact

I know it is a little late announcement, but Oracle User Group Estonia is having its first meetup after many years tonight. I’m presenting there “Making MySQL highly available with Oracle Grid Infrastructure”.
More info and registration here:

So if anyone is in Tallinn today, then join us!

I’m also speaking at Oracle User Group Norway 2014 Spring conference (3-5 April 2014), topic “Making MySQL highly available with Oracle Grid Infrastructure”. It will be a great conference!
More info here