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Fre MySQL seminar on 27. august 2014 @ 13:00. Announcement by Oracle User Group Estonia:

Developing modern applications using MySQL.

In this seminar series learn how to best use MySQL for your existing and new development requirements with leading MySQL expert and Oracle Ace Director Ronald Bradford.

These presentations provide a detailed review of the essential lifecycle components for developing a successful software application and offer a checklist for your company to review the design, development, deployment and support of your business applications with MySQL.

The presentations include:

* Effective MySQL Architecture and Design Practices
* Effective Software Development with MySQL
* Effective Web Site Operations
* Upcoming MySQL features for modern applications

Detailed description about the topics: read here.

More information about Ronald Bradford:

To attend this event, PLEASE REGISTER!

This event is organized by Oracle User Group Estonia in cooperation with Finnish, Swedish and Latvian user groups.

The event in Tallinn is sponsored by TransferWise.

If you require more information about this event, please contact